Advertising and Promo Codes

Sponsor a ride taken by a passenger using sponsor coupons of Rs 60 and Rs 120

Exclusive adverts of the sponsor will be displayed during the ride.

Branding of sponsors logo and address in the ride invoice.

Targeted reach to potential customers & contacts directly

Establish an emotional connect & loyalty.

Pay only for the sponsor coupons utilized in a particular billing cycle

Dedicated user interface along with analytics to understand and analyze the sponsored rides

Artificial Intelligence framework for context and location sensitive sponsorship


Place adverts in Ara App

Place adverts in Ara App

Display of adverts from multiple clients in the Ara app

Duration of each advert will vary from 20 second to 30 seconds.

Each image advert can have two questions related to that advert.

The cost of placing each advert will vary from Rs 15 to Rs 20.

Differential pricing based on the duration and placement of advert.

Flexible budgeting options to choose the target reach.Update

Pay only for the target reached in a particular billing cycle.

Highly targeted and customizable adverts

Establish an emotional connect & loyalty

The ads can be Geo-tagged for a particular location.

Adverts will be viewed as earning options creating a positive impact.

Adverts are inclusive unlike other digital ad platforms where they are viewed as intrusive